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The patented TWISTBLUE system has been designed to transform hydraulic energy into electricity at small, medium and large scales.

TWISTBLUE can produce renewable energy for any type of household or business. This new system produces electricity using water power guaranteeing minimum consumption
without large water volumes.
It is a hydraulic power unit designed to promote self-produced energy consumption in cities. With a compact and portable design, TWISTBLUE is the ideal hydraulic power unit for any type of home or building.
This innovative system easily adjusts to all consumption needs. It can be easily installed in single-family homes, buildings, gated communities, small and large companies, and even large hydroelectric power plants.


Energy production without wasting water  
Water injection


TWISTBLUE connects to your home water supply; it channels water at its normal pressure to an injector that uses it to rotate the turbine blades.


The water in the lower tank is
immediately available for consumption, or during periods of low demand, it can be channeled to a secondary storage tank. This allows for continued and constant energy generation. The new energy produced can be stored or reintroduced to the power network, which makes TWISTBLUE amortize itself and be profitable in a very short time.

Increasing productivity up to 80%
Water Lifting


TWISTBLUE has an innovative water lifting system that reuses water for more power generation.

When in movement, the turbine activates a centrifugal pump that absorbs and redirects the water to the tank and the system can reuse it. Therefore, no additional energy is required to relift the water and continue the cycle once and again.

The new lifting system used by TWISTBLUE recirculates 80% of the water flowing into the system.

24/7 Energy production
Smart System

Thanks to the new water lifting system used by TWISTBLUE, the turbine stays in constant movement regardless of water consumption.


To achieve this goal, the system self-regulates water levels with intake and drainage floaters that monitor the levels in both the storage tank and the generator.

Should the water level be outside normal parameters, two electric valves activate letting water in or out to maintain an ideal level and optimal water generation.


A hydraulic power unit
for your home

TWISTBLUE has been designed to adapt and respond to all consumption needs.
For homes

The innovative TWISTBLUE design uses the water flow of the city's supply network.


Simple installation; just connect it to the water supply and use it to produce electricity.

Thanks to its water lifting system and recirculation of water, TWISTBLUE activates the generator optimizing energy production.

For communities

TWISTBLUE is ideal for communities committed to a sustainable lifestyle and the consumption of renewable energies.

Thanks to its design, it adjusts to different types of buildings or residential communities to fit their needs, achieving maximum optimization of their resources.


Just connect TWISTBLUE to the water supply network in order to produce the electricity
needed by the residents of the building.


Our system can also be used for general building
needs such as the operation of elevators, pools, illumination of common areas, etc.

For hydroelectric power stations

The innovative TWISTBLUE system effectively solves the problems of low energy production in times of drought.


When water levels are optimal the generator can work without the water lifting system producing additional electricity.


However, if water levels were to drop, the turbine would engage and the TWISTBLUE system would begin lifting large amounts of water constantly, allowing the recirculation of water to continue
generating electricity even in times of water scarcity.


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TwistBlue adapts to fit the size and needs of any home or building.


TwistBlue does not waste water while producing energy.


TwistBlue uses water consumption to function as a closed water circuit.


TwistBlue´s compact and robust design guarantees long-lasting durability.